Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two More Diapers

These two diapers have birdseye diaper fabric for the inside layer. I don't know what difference that makes from t-shirts but thought I'd try it. The outside layer of the top one is t-shirts. The outside of the bottom one is t-shirt on one side and a crib sheet that was too tight and kept ripping on the other side. I thought it would make a cute diaper, but not be really absorbent or soft so I put it on the outside. I may have to sew velcro on this one b/c the snappi doesn't hook on to the sheet. Both of them have microfiber soakers. These microfiber soakers are from the auto department. I got eight for $8. They are cheaper than the microfiber towels you find in the kitchen or cleaning departments. I think mine might be a little too big though. Since microfiber is so absorbent I'm not sure they need to be that big. I think I may cut the rest down a little.

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