Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cloth Diapering Inventory

I thought it would be fun to take inventory of my cloth diaper stash and evaluate what I've purchased. So here is my inventory and my thoughts about it.

Prefolds/Contours and PUL Covers

24 infant size bleached Chinese Prefolds
12 premium size unbleached Indian Prefolds
6 small kissaluvs contour
1 NB BummisSuperWhisperWrap
1 NB Litewrap
1 NB prowrap (color)
2 Small BSWW (print)
2 Small Thirsties (color)
3 Medium BSWW (white)

I really like prefolds and covers, but I like trying new things too so I tried the KL contours. I bought them as a cheaper alternative to a fitted diaper, but as it turns out they don't work well. They didn't absorb much and since there wasn't any elastic on the legs everything leaked out the side. So far I like the Indian prefolds better than the Chinese b/c they are softer, but I hear they don't last quite as long. I like unbleached better than bleached b/c I like a natural look better. The BSWW seemed to fit better over a prefold than the Thristies cover did, but the Thirsties fit better over my homemade fitted diapers. I wish that I would have remembered the litewrap and prowrap when I was buying my medium sized wraps b/c they are cheaper than either the BSWW or the Thirsties and I seem to remember liking them as well. (It's hard to remember b/c I used them for such a short time.)

Pockets and Inserts
4 bumGenius one-size pocket
1 small Fuzzi Bunz pocket
1 medium Fuzzi Bunz pocket
1 medium Dry Bees Fleece Nighttime Pocket
1 Bum Wear one-size pocket
10 Cotton Babies one-size microfiber insert
2 Large Happy Heiny's Micro-Fiber Insert

When I first learned about cloth diapers I thought I wouldn't like pockets at all, but I received the FB as a gift and I tried the bG on the recommendation of a friend and found that pockets are quite useful. They are great for going out b/c they are easier to pack in the diaper bag than prefolds and covers. It turns out that they are the only thing we use at night too. We were using disposable at night but they started leaking every night so we switched to a pocket with two CBOS inserts and rarely get a leak anymore. As far as brands go the bG OS are the best. The fact that they are one-size is really useful and I prefer the velcro closure to snaps b/c you get a better fit. FB are good diapers, but just not as good as bG. The Dry Bees diaper leaked terribly the one time we used it at night so I haven't tried it at night again b/c I don't want to have to change my son's pajamas and sheets in the middle of the night again. I use it during the day and it's fine, but it's a little narrow for the insert. The Bum Wear diaper doesn't work at all as a one-size diaper in my opinion. I couldn't get it to stay on the smaller size, but it works fine as an overnight pocket and it comes in really cute colors and prints.

Diaper Accessories
1 Baby Moon Diaper Wipe Concentrate
2 Small Bac Out
2 Large Bac Out
2 Tea Tree Oil
1 Large Bummis Flushable Bio-soft Liners
1 Flannel Baby Wipes (15)
10 Kissaluvs Knit Terry Wipes
10 BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies/Wipes
1 Wahmies Diaper Pail Liner
1 Snappi Diaper Fastener (3)

The diaper wipe concentrate smells really good and lasts a long time although sometimes it's easier to just use plain water. I poor the bac out on dirty diapers. It's supposed to start cleaning them while they sit in the pail waiting for wash day. I think it works well. I use a few drops of tea tree oil in the wash occasionally b/c it has antiseptic properties. The flushable liners are nice although often the solids shake off the diaper just fine and I don't need a liner. The flannel wipes work just fine, but I like the terry and hemp ones better. They are both softer and I think they work a little better b/c they are textured on one side. I love the pail liner b/c it's such a pretty color (cornflower blue). I like snappis b/c I don't like having a loose diaper in my cover. I think it works better if it's a little tighter and I prefer snappis to pins.

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