Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I've been experimenting with different fabrics and different patterns for my diapers. I mentioned earlier that I've tried flannel, t-shirts, and clearance cotton for the body and flannel, t-shirts, microfiber, and birdseye diapers for the soakers.

The flannel soaker didn't work at all. It's all bunched up inside and I can't use the diaper anymore. The only flannel diaper that is okay is the one with an inside body of t-shirt and a soaker of microfiber b/c the microfiber is nice and flexible and there are only two pieces of flannel. Any diaper with more than two pieces of flannel or a stiff soaker is too stiff and dries to slowly.

I was doing mostly microfiber soakers b/c they are so flexible and absorbent, but then I started reading on that lots of people have problems with microfiber stinking after a while. So I went back to using layers of t-shirt or birdseye.

The clearance cotton fabric is okay, but it's woven more tightly than the t-shirts and makes it harder to fasten with a snappi. I decided I prefer using a snappi to sewing velcro on. The velcro is tricky in the wash and it just takes more time to make the diaper.

I was also trying different patterns to see if I could adjust the fit of the diaper, but that resulted in some ridiculously ugly though usable diapers.

Basically, after all my experimenting I like my first diaper the best. The blue and green one made exclusively of t-shirts. I will finish using up the clearance cotton b/c it's not bad and I don't want to waste it, but I think from now on I any new fabric I acquire for diapers will be t-shirts. I think I will make soakers of either t-shirt, birdseye, or microfiber. They all work well. I have modified the original pattern only slightly to make the wings longer so I hope it will fit a little longer. The two diapers here are made with that pattern. The flowered one is my clearance fabric with a birdseye soaker. The white one is all t-shirt.

I went to savers yesterday and got a couple t-shirts and three wool sweaters to continue making recycled diapers and covers. Now I just have to decide what kind of covers I want to make out of the sweaters. Longies? Shorties?

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Jonathan and Jessica said...

I think it's amazing that you're doing this. I like reading about what works best and the experiments that go "wrong." Great job, and they look so cute!
~ Jessica