Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Laundry Tabs

I mentioned laundry tabs in my last post, but I forgot that I never posted about my first diaper with laundry tabs. Here is a picture. Basically a laundry tab is a piece of the loop side of the velcro next to the hook so that you can fold the hook part over on the soft loop side so that the hooks don't snag everything else in your laundry.

Back in the Saddle

Well, I took a break from making diapers for a while, but after receiving some used t-shirts and some really old prefold diapers I decided to make another diaper. I used t-shirts for the body and a prefold for the soaker. I really like this pattern that I've landed on and I like using velcro with laundry tabs instead of a snappi. This diaper turned out to be too big right now, but he'll grow into it. And although I've called this post "Back in the Saddle," I don't think I'll be making as many diapers as before. I want to be a little more picky about the fabric I use so that I'll be happy with the diapers I make instead of making a bunch that I'm not that excited about.