Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm frustrated with my diaper endeavors. Many of my diapers' soakers are getting bunchy. I'm tired of experimenting. I want to find something that works and then make a bunch of those. I think I need better fabric, but I can't afford to buy nice diaper fabric. I'm also tired of using a snappi b/c it doesn't catch the fabric on my diapers easily and my son is getting impatient at diaper changes so the faster, the better. I'd like to get a snap press and try snaps b/c velcro is expensive and I'm not sure I like how it makes the diapers stiffer. I'll have to save up money for a while and try some nice fabric and snaps.

The good news is I found a blog with some great free wool patterns, crochet and knit. I need to learn to knit first before I can try those though. :-) This is the crochet soaker pattern I'm trying now: http://withatangledskein.blogspot.com/2008/02/little-fire-crochet-soaker-pattern.html

Monday, March 3, 2008

How long does it take to make a diaper?

I originally started this blog because my husband said someone might find some of this information helpful, and I like sharing information. I'm so excited because there have been a couple comments posted that lead me to believe that someone may have found something on my blog useful in their own quest for making cloth diapers.

One person asked how long it takes to make a diaper. I have to admit that I'm not sure I've ever gotten to sit down and make one from start to finish without interruptions, but it doesn't take very long. I'd say maybe a half an hour per diaper. Actually, I usually cut fabric for several diapers at once and then I may sew together the soaker layers for several soakers, so I'm not usually working on just one diaper at a time, but it goes pretty quickly especially once you've done a couple.

Another thing the blog has done is to provide a way for people to provide me with helpful information. Someone posted a comment saying that windpro is a brand name and the fleece I should look for in the store is alpine fleece or anti pill fleece. Thanks! Very helpful.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fleece Soaker

I purchased the Sweet Baby Soakers and Skirties pattern from wired up designs (http://hyenacart.com/wiredupdesigns/index.php?viewall=1).
Today I made my first soaker from the pattern. The fleece I used is not a great quality so I don't know how well it will work, but it was pretty easy to make so I'd like to make some more with better fleece and try wool too.

I wish that there were directions on the pattern about what kind of fleece to use. There are so many kinds at the store. Maybe I should know that already. The fleece they sell for making diapers is windpro, so maybe that's what I need to use, but I don't know if that is a brand or a type or if you can buy that kind at the fabric store or if you have to order online. Maybe I will try to contact the person who made the pattern and see if she can tell me.

I ordered the pattern a long time ago and just after I did, I made my first wool soaker where you just cut a sweater in a triangle and it made the cute shorties and longies posted earlier. So then I was wondering if it was worth it to buy this pattern, but now that I've made it I think it is a better fit than the triangle soaker and I'm glad I have it.

I'm often excited to get things made and make careless mistakes. So when I was making this soaker I cut the medium sized body and waist and the XL leg bands and didn't realize it until I had sewn one on, but fortunately it was easy to fix. :-)

New Pattern

I decided to adjust my diaper pattern again. Even though previously I said I had tried several and gone back to my original, I think I found the perfect pattern now. :-) The first one was good, but this one has a little bit narrower wings so there is less bulk around the legs. I also made it larger as my son is starting to outgrow some of the first diapers. Here's a comparison of the diapers and the patterns.