Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm frustrated with my diaper endeavors. Many of my diapers' soakers are getting bunchy. I'm tired of experimenting. I want to find something that works and then make a bunch of those. I think I need better fabric, but I can't afford to buy nice diaper fabric. I'm also tired of using a snappi b/c it doesn't catch the fabric on my diapers easily and my son is getting impatient at diaper changes so the faster, the better. I'd like to get a snap press and try snaps b/c velcro is expensive and I'm not sure I like how it makes the diapers stiffer. I'll have to save up money for a while and try some nice fabric and snaps.

The good news is I found a blog with some great free wool patterns, crochet and knit. I need to learn to knit first before I can try those though. :-) This is the crochet soaker pattern I'm trying now: http://withatangledskein.blogspot.com/2008/02/little-fire-crochet-soaker-pattern.html

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