Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stay-dry Diaper a Bust

So, I buy fleece at the fabric store and cut it to make liners for my diapers that wick moisture away from my baby's skin so it doesn't get irritated. So in my last post there is a picture of a diaper I made with the whole body of the inside of the diaper made of fleece. My attempt at a stay-dry diaper. Well, it doesn't work. The fleece I used just doesn't wick the moisture through to the absorbent fabric fast enough and the diaper leaks. Oh well, live and learn.

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*Michelle* said...

Did you use microfleece? That's the only kind of fleece that will wick-- polar fleece or thicker fleece will repel. IME, though, ds wets too much & too fast for microfleece or suedecloth to keep up. Seems to work for others, though.