Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not About Diapers

When I was pregnant I made curtains for the baby's room. I made them orange and green b/c we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl and I made them with bold colors instead of pastels b/c I know I won't make new curtains again for a long time and I didn't want it to look like a baby's room when he's older. After he was born, I made a quilt to match the curtains and I put some blue in it since he's a boy. And actually there were a few blue things here and there before b/c I just like blue. Anyway, this isn't about diapers, but it's about something I made, and I'm happy with the way the quilt turned out so I wanted to post it.

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Anne & Matt said...

I just saw your signature on a post at diaperpin and was curious to see your work, so I just read your whole blog. I am in awe of your talent!! I'm so glad your husband convinced you to blog about your diapers and experience making them. I just ordered a lot of Baybee AIOs for my newly adopted 1-year-old, but am looking to flesh out my supply with something cheaper, and am now very inspired to try my hand at making some fitteds. I'm not all that experienced with a sewing machine, but I can at least sew a straight line and am eager to try. All I have now are some UB Indian PFs my sister gave me, but they are huge on my l'il 16 pounder so I can't fit clothes on over top of them. I also do some crocheting so I might have to try the adorable wool wrap pattern as well! Thanks again for sharing your experience with the various patterns and fabrics so others can learn and be inspired!