Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trying More New Things

I've been doing more experimenting. I can't help myself. I'm addicted to trying new things.

With the first diaper I tried the birdseye fabric on the outside b/c I thought it might be soft and the snappi hooks to it easily. The inside is t-shirts. I used an old towel for the soaker. In another diaper where I used an old towel it worked well, but in this one it seemed to bunch a little. Hmm.

This second diaper is t-shirt and clearance cotton. I didn't sew in a soaker b/c for some reason I thought maybe I could make them faster if I made the body and the soakers separate and just laid the soaker in the diaper. It won't be faster, but I guess it's a nice experiment. I always use a fleece liner in my diapers to wick moisture away so I made one side of the soaker of fleece so it doubles as a liner.

This third diaper is t-shirt and clearance cotton with microfiber for the soaker. Microfiber really works the best b/c it's the least bunchy and most absorbent.

The last diaper also has a microfiber soaker. The body is three layers of t-shirt and the inner layer is fleece. I thought I'd try it to make it a "stay-dry" diaper.

I haven't tried the last three diapers yet so I don't know how they will work, but I'm curious to see how the sewn in fleece works.

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